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David Smith is Toronto’s Top Executive Recruiter

Sean Ganann

Quite simply, from a creative’s perspective, Dave stands out from anyone else in the recruitment space in Canada. He combines sage guidance with an intuitive ability to make the right connections.

Sean Ganann

Creative Director, Leo Burnett

Brent Choi

David is one of the smartest people in our industry. I’ve known David a long time and in his particular expertise, he stands tall in being ethical yet informative. I can trust David. And he’s helped me on several occasions in filling roles as well as giving me great advice along the way.

Brent Choi

Chief Creative & Integration Officer, JWT

Jordan Doucette

David isn’t a headhunter…he is an industry encyclopedia, strategic thinker, mentor, guidance counsellor, ass-kicker and overall, amazing guy. If you’re putting your career in anyones hands, these are the hands.

Jordan Doucette

Executive Creative Director, TAXI

Nancy Crimi

David’s greatest strength as a recruiter is his ability to clearly see the advantages and disadvantages every opportunity offers and deliver these insights in an unbiased and intelligent fashion. This gives all parties the perspective to make informed and intelligent decisions based on facts.

Nancy Crimi


Ian MacKellar

I’ve had the pleasure of working with David Smith several times throughout my career. At every occasion, David brought integrity, enthusiasm, intelligence and insight to the table. I trust David and value him as someone I can always count on.

Ian MacKellar

Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy & Mather

Susan Sanderson

David is one of those rare individuals that approaches recruitment with the long view in mind. Sage and wise, he is one of my most trusted career advisors. I would not make a significant career decision without picking up the phone to speak to him.

Susan Sanderson

VP Private Brands, Vitamin Shoppe

Helen Pak

Insightful, trusted, professional and an in-depth knowledge of the industry like no other. David is the go-to recruiter and has been for as long as I can remember. He cares about the details and is a pleasure to work with on both sides of being recruited or recruiting. Always there to provide intelligent, sage advice and excellent followup, David is both an incredible search consultant and a valued advisor.

Helen Pak

President and Chief Creative Officer, Havas Worldwide Canada

Matt Litzinger

David operates with an unmatched combination of both candour and integrity. I have come to rely on his council, his candidates and his friendship.

Matt Litzinger

President and Chief Creative Officer, Red Lion

Bruce MacLellan

David brings an experienced and savvy perspective to all our conversations. He has a vast wealth of knowledge about the marketing industry, the players, the issues and opportunities. On a consistent basis, Dave identifies talented people who help to make us a better business in serving clients with exceptional thinking and service.

Bruce MacLellan

Chairman, Environics Communications

Stuart Payne

David has provided our firm with excellent recruiting skills and results. On a personal level, he has assisted my entry into the advertising world with sage advice and counsel. I highly recommend David’s knowledge of our industry, the results he brings and his professionalism in how he transacts his business.

Stuart Payne

President / CEO, Saatchi & Saatchi Canada

Why David

Added Value

Half of any week David provides career counseling!


David lives in a world of secrets!


25+ years in the Communications and Marketing world!


Knows the Agency world inside and out!


David has  met just about everyone in person, to understand what they want to do!


David has placed more Creative Directors than anyone else in the Canadian Recruiting industry.

Well Respected

Agency Leaders return David’s calls in hours!

Toronto’s Top Executive Recruiter – Executive, PR, Advertising and Marketing

Executive recruiter, dream-maker, headhunter, match-maker, talent broker, career counsellor, dealmaker, talent scout, confident, insider, lifesaver, friend…

There are a lot of ways folks in Canada’s marketing and advertising industry would use to describe what David Smith does. But that list pales in comparison to the list describing how he does it. Words like brilliant, insightful, trusted, knowledgeable, savvy… would certainly rank at or near the top. That’s because for almost 20 years, David has been one of, if not the, best recruiters of talent for Canada’s marketing and advertising industry. Whether the need is for Creative executive search, PR executive search or a new agency President, David is the one to whom the top firms turn.

Client or candidate, trade magazine or post-secondary educational institutions, David Smith is simply recognized by all as Toronto’s best executive recruiter. And the proof is in the placements. Over the last 24 months, David has successfully completed more searches for Agency Presidents, General Managers, Chief Creative Officers, Executive Creative Directors and Creative Directors than anyone in Toronto.

David’s productiveness is the result of his always delivering above and beyond. He offers clients an unparalleled insider view, and the insights that go along with it. Hard earned over his years as a leader in the industry, a headhunter, an agency confident and having met some 10,000 candidates in person, those who work with David quickly come to appreciate the unique place he holds in the industry. Few if any can match his ability to find just the right fit for any position in need of just the right talent.


David Smith in 140 words or less

David is one of – if not the – top executive recruiter for Canada’s Advertising and PR industry. Exceptionally well-credentialed, David started his career on the client side at P&G. He was recruited (appropriately enough) to join a WPP agency. One more WPP agency, a retail agency and marketing services agency later, David had worked on some the country’s top brands (Mars, Labatt’s, Ford) and participated in the purchase of 18 companies across three continents and seen one go public on the TSX. Often sought out for his professional counsel by agency leadership, industry publications and institutions such as Marketing Magazine and the Miami Ad School Toronto, David is simply one of the most knowledgeable and respected voices in the Canadian advertising industry.


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Executive Search Practice Areas

The search for a key hire starts long before calls are made to possible candidates. It starts with strategic consultation; in understanding the public and private needs the role requires; in recognizing the nuance that comes in filling a key senior position; in adeptly putting the role into context of the operational needs and the realities in the marketplace. As part of his briefing and discovery process, David ensures the search begins from the the right start line. In applying his expertise, David focuses on four key practice areas:


  1. Agency Leadership – Over the years, David has become a prized confident and resource for many in agency management helping them find just the right talent (President, Chief Creative Officer, CEO, Chief Operating Officer, etc.) to take an organization to the next level. David works with all size of agency, from boutique to large scale integrated shops.
  2. Creative – A specialty of David’s, there are few top notch creative people whether Art Director, Copywriter or Designer (from junior to seasoned veteran) who have not had the benefit of David’s expertise. And the agencies in which they ply their craft are the better for it.
  3. Public Relations Agencies – As the field of Public Relations has changed over recent years in response to the shift technology has had on journalism, Dave has played a leading role in searches for Practice Leaders, Vice-Presidents, Account Directors, Account Managers, Consultants, Account Executives and Account Coordinators. David works with a wide variety of PR firms, small, intermediate and large.
  4. Client Side – Harkening back to his days at P&G, David works with a wide variety of marketers to fill roles such as: Corporate Communications, External Relations, Government Relations, Internal Communications, Investor Relations, Media Relations and Public Relations.

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